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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

How does “Nolan” convey ‘Memento’ as a psychological thriller?

Nolan conveys ‘Memento’ as a psychological thriller by using a wide variety of methods. The opening scene lures the viewers into a sense of confusion through the techniques Nolan uses to create mystery and build the tension. The films order is non-linear due to it jumping from one scene to another. The opening scene starts through a Polaroid picture which fades mirroring the memory of the protagonist ‘Leonard’. The title appears bold which makes us think is it trying to make a statement? We also see blood through a close-up shot which could signify death. 

There are two main characters in Memento, Teddy and Lenny. Lenny is the protagonist as he is the leading character and also he comes across as a hero as he is seeking justice. He is very independent and we get the impression he is unable to lead a normal life with society as of his condition.  Teddy comes across as a very orthodox bad guy as he seems very relaxed and calm about committing a serious crime. He seems like a positive and nice character but then we later discover he is corrupt.

The soundtrack is non-diegetic which creates a dark and gloomy effect which adds to the psychological thriller genre perfectly. The orchestral instruments create a real sense of tension as it builds up to the point of action creating as much tension as possible. There is also a drone in the background which creates tension but it could relate to the protagonists paranoia. All the sounds stand out for effect, it could be used to emphasise that he’s killed someone.

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