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Saturday, 15 January 2011


Gender:  Male        Female 

What age group do you belong in?  0-10   10-20   20-30   30-40   40-50   50+

What genre do you prefer? 
Horror    Romance    War    Crime    Adventure    Thriller    Comedy    Action    Other     

Which of the following effect do you find effective in the opening of a film?
Flashback                Non-Linear            Linear   Intro of character         Suspense              Other   

Do you feel PG and 12A films are more popular than 15 or 18 rated films? Yes   No

What do you feel makes a good thriler? _______________________________________________________________________

Additional Comments ______________________________________________________

Thank you for the time and effort it has been much appreciated!

More Key Terms

Ideology- Body of beliefs or views belonging to an individual or group taught by society.

Semiotics- This is a way of explaining how we make meaning.

Demographics- Demographics are the statistical characteristics of human populations, such as age and income that are used by businesses to identify markets for their goods and services.

Psychographics-In the field of marketing, demographics, opinion research, and social research in general, psychographic variables are any attributes relating to personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles.

Filming Our Preliminary Task

We used a CCTV shot to set the scene at the start, consisting of the poker table and players. We then shot the protagonist which was Ashley Firth, looking at his phone. Following this was a close-up of the phone, before filming Ashley departing out of the room. When Ashley left the room, there was a close up of the handle and then filmed him walking down the corridor. After this there were many takes in the toilets, where the drug dealer(Arjan Boyall) stood still as Ashley walked in. The camera then moved to a point of view shot of the dealer looking at me, before the camera angled down to our hands and saw the dealings happened. The clip then concluded with a CCTV shot of the dealer departing out of the toilet, leaving suspense.