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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

How did you attract/address your audience?

To attract our audience we had to use common conventions when filming our opening such as flashbacks, sound effects and a soundtrack to help build the tension to climaxes.
These conventions helped to keep the audience compelled on what was going to happen next. The use of various camera shots, such as the panning shots during the chase scene helped to create chaos as the audience wasn’t fully aware of everything that was happening which helped to make the audience feel uneasy as they would be concerned for the safety of the protagonist. Our opening wasn’t very extravagant in the sense that it contained violent murder scenes such as the one in “Psycho” or chase scenes such as the one in “Casino Royale”. Our thriller did contain a chase scene but to fit into BBFC guidelines, as we were producing a 12A film, we had to make sure the scene contained no extravagant violence or strong language. From our audience feedback interview that we conducted we received positive feedback but we also received feedback saying that the chase scene needed to be shortened as it became slightly repetitive. The use of flashbacks of the protagonists file gave a mysterious effect as it quickly cut in during scenes to add the aspect of mystery and confusion for the audience.

I feel overall that we met the needs and expectations of our audience as we targeted it too the right age group which we gathered from the questionnaire, we used a wide variety of camera angles that helped to give a vary of shots, the use of low beat and high beat sound effects to build up the tension and finally by using different camera effects such as black and white and negative.
Also from our audience feedback we received positive and negative feedback that was constructive about our opening of our thriller. This was useful as the feedback we received helped us to improve our opening and it helped us to spot what conventions worked well. They said the diegesis and narrative kept them compelled and wanting to watch more. We added a black and white caption to create a flashback effect and also the soundtrack helped to create the tension.  The only criticism we received was saying that the chase scene needed to be shortened as it became slightly repetitive.

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