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Friday, 11 February 2011

The Plot To Our Media Production

For our Media A Level our coursework was to produce the opening of a thriller genre film. It had to be atleast 2 minuets long and consist of common conventions used in other typical thriller films.


Our idea is about a extraordinary man who moved to England from America as he was a wanted man, and he wanted to start a new life. He wanted to forget his past and stay quiet and live privately, however he had an overpowering love for time travelling. As he was in America he came across a device that could change everything, but he was the only human to have control of it. He now finds out his idea has come to light and many people are after him and his device, so he attempts to protect himself and the supernatural object.

This idea has developed from Idea 3 in our thriller ideas page and we must make sure we use the conventions that contribute to a successful thriller opening. Our mise-en-scene will be eerie as spooky throughout with various effects enhancing the narrative. Also our diegesis will be very effective as most thrillers need a soundtrack for them to work, and it is a real contributor to a hugely successful thriller opening sequence. Our location could be better, but i feel we make up for it as we use various effects and our costumes are effective as the narrative is about a secretive supernatural man, and a suit fits in perfectly.

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