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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Shooting Our Production

When filming we managed to gather a lot of footage and we did this in a short period of time making us efficient. The footage was also captured through many angles so this gave us a variety of shots when editing. We all worked well and knew what our jobs where, Guy as camera man who managed to capture a wide variety of shots from different angles and heights. The atmosphere was very dark and gloomy so this helped to create the right Mise-en-scene as it was very eerie. Also the group had the right props, e.g. clothing so this helped us to create the look of sophisticated business men which also helped us to represent a particular social group.

When filming the only problem that occurred was our location was to rural. It needed to be more urban so with more planning and preparation this could have been achieved. Also when we first initially thought of ideas we kept changing them which wasted a lot of valuable time that could have been spent editing more and adding better effects to our production. We filmed in one location in Peterborough which proved unsuccessful due to not having permission to film in that area. The second time also proved unsuccessful as we came back with little footage and we couldn’t meet requirements of making it 2 minuets long. The third time proved successful as we met all the requirements and got a wide range of footage. We could also create a lot of camera effects from the footage which was beneficial.

We overcame these problems by researching into locations that were darker and would help to create the right effect for our production. We all felt the location we picked was right for our production as it was gloomy and dark creating a mysterious effect. The problem with the camera battery was overcome as we managed to charge it at the location and still film as it was indoors.

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