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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Whilst producing the film I learned a wide variety of filming techniques and editing skills. From shooting we learnt that by changing the height of the camera this could be used to show authority and also it could be used to show vulnerability. If the camera was at a high angle it is used to show authority over another character but if it’s at a low angle and is looking up upon a character, it can be used to show vulnerability and weak such as a victim. Using extreme close up shots are used to focus the attention of the audience on the specific thing or it is used to show the emotion of a character. We also learned the 1800 rule which basically means to pretend that there is an invisible line thorough the scene when you are filming and editing the specific scene, mustn't move to the other side of the line, as you need to maintain spatial relationship, meaning the characters must be on the correct side of the camera throughout. When we filmed our preliminary task we learnt that using different camera effects could add futuristic effects or even portray the mood of the characters. Also to be able to edit our footage we needed to be able to use the iMovie application. We had to learn basic skills like cutting scenes, adding sound and fading shots together as a way of transition. Once we picked these basics up we began to add camera effects in to create flashbacks and futuristic effects to our production. We also turned a high angle shot into a CCTV shot by adding a black and white effect and a date and time to create a realistic aspect to our opening.

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