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Friday, 11 February 2011

Idea 3

This idea consisted of the protagonist being a supernatural human being, with a mysterious object which leaves the audience is a sense of curiousity. In this case it was a watch that has a certain power, which only the protagonist can control and no-one else can use its powers(Only the protagonist knows this).

-However as he commences on his journey he is stopped by some mysterious men, and a chase scene occurs.
-Then they corner the protagonist in and steal the package, just to find nothing as the powers of the protagonist has caused the package to fanish leaving suspense for the audience.

Location- Ashley's house and then a nearby alleyway.

Costume- Suits to add sophisication.
Soundtrack- A spooky soundtrack for the bedroom, then an upbeat tense track for the chase scene.
-So at the start of the sequence there will be a flashback of the protagonist of conceling the object and leaving the house, heading to show someone.

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