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Thursday, 17 February 2011


Sound and Diegesis are a key contributors to an excellent Thriller opening. They create an aspect of suspense and gives you a better feel of the tense thriller setting. Diegesis is the sound that the audience can hear but the characters can't which. This is an extremely good method of creating a tense atmosphere rather than just shooting the scene, as it adds a different dimension to the whole opening sequence.

GAPA Productions' Sounds
For the first part of the sequence it is set in a house. Without the diegesis i can see the audience losing interest but when we added a tense soundtrack then it really brought the clip to life. We decided to get a tense soundtrack that would create suspense, we got this track of youtube. Obviously with youtube, we had to be careful with copyright, but for this track it was only a beat that in the info box it read 'you can use my track'.

For the second part of the sequence set down a nearby alleyway, that looks gloomy and dull. The diegesis will be more upbeat than the the sound before, but still include the gloomy and eerie beat that creates a sense of tension. I created this soundtrack on garageband, by blending sound clips that were already stored on garageband.

Sound Effects

We used many electrical or technological sounds as this signifies that the storyline is based around a powerful technological objects. For example we showed some clips of the protagonist putting his blazer on, with a camera shutter sound to create the correct effect. For the opening credits we also used electrical sounds to get a feel for the storyline and to attract the audience, also we did the same effect for the end title.

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